Magento Support

Magento: Ensure your eCommerce store is always optimally performing.

At Alinga Web Design, we understand how important your Magento eCommerce site is to your bottom line. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to reach as many of your customers, nor would you have the high conversion rates you do in repeat customers.

Sometimes though, things change and your site might not operate the way it should. Maybe you installed a 3rd party extension yourself or one of your IT staff did, and it’s not quite working the way it should.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the site is running slower than normal or that some functions aren’t working on first attempt.

This is when you need some help. Some expertise to ensure that your Magento site continues to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

Our Magento support services are designed to ensure that your site is operational with minimal downtime.


Magento Version Upgrades

Did you know that Magento, while still an open-source platform, is still maintained with regular updates?

This means that you at least once a year, you’ll need to be ensure that you’re applying those updates to your site. If you don’t do this, you could start to experience some delayed functionality in many of your core Magneto operations.

Our Magento version upgrades service will take care of implementing and testing any updates as they are released.

Quality testing is an important part of the process. This ensures that any 3rd party integrations work with newer versions. Our certified Magento developers will ensure that your site continues to work as it was intended, with minimal disruptions to service.


Magento Performance

Straight out of the box, Magento is not configured to work at optimal speeds. And while this might not matter to you initially, as your site grows and products are added, the performance of your site will decrease.

To ensure that your site is always working at optimal speeds, you need to ensure that various areas of your site are set to best practice standards.

These can include:


It’s important that you make sure your site is properly optimised from a performance perspective. As part of our Magento support service, we will ensure that your site is always running at it’s best, 24/7.


Other Support Services

While we’ve mentioned version upgrades and performance, there are many other services that you might require support for with regards to your Magento site.