Has your retail store adapted to today’s technology?
Are you wondering why your online store isn’t getting repeat business? Have you been scratching your head, trying to figure out why your biggest competitor, who’s online store looks similar to yours, is doing so well?

It’s all in the technology and platform choice. Your competitor is smart and savvy, utilising and adapting to the demand for instant online access by their customers. What are you doing to meet the needs of YOUR customers?

The Magento platform is designed to adapt and grow with your business while meeting usability needs of your customers. Along with our expertise in online marketing, we’ll work with you to design an online store that not only captures new customers, but fosters loyalty and repeat purchases.


and let your customers purchase your products with ease
Have you noticed a drop in sales recently? Are you frustrated with how clunky your current online store is? Do you care about your customer’s online shopping experience?

Have you considered that your online store might need to update its platform technology to help bring it in line with today’s technology? You know your competitors are doing well, and when you review their sites, you notice how fast they respond and how easy it is to make a purchase. Don’t you want your site to do the same? Embrace technology and allow your customers to purchase your products easily.

The Magento platform is designed to make it easy for you to implement and apply its many technological features, without overwhelming techy plugins or bells and whistles that you know you just won’t use. Coupled with our expertise in online marketing and customer loyalty marketing, we’ll help you design an online store that will allow your customers to access the products and services you provide easily and quickly.

Get started today. Create an online store experience that your customers can’t wait to shop at.


Increase revenue through your eCommerce store
Struggling to figure out ways to increase sales on your online store? Scratching your head, wondering how your competitors are doing so well when you know your product or service is superior?

Improve your online sales by implementing the right platform and plugins. Embrace technology, understand what your customers online shopping needs are and meet those needs. You know your product is better than your competitors, so now you just need to figure out how to boost your sales through your eCommerce store. Make it easy for your customers to find what they needs, when they need it. Don’t over complicate the buying process.

By utilising or improving on the Magento platform, we can help you boost your sales in ways that are quick to implement. We’ll work with you to create an online store that works on autopilot so you can focus on building brand awareness and customer loyalty, backed by our online marketing expertise. Create an online experience that allows your customers to access your products in a way that makes sense to them and see your revenue soar.

Don’t wait, get started today. Create an online store experience that your customers can’t wait to shop at.


Boost online sales and customer loyalty through responsive design
Are you constantly asked by your customers why you don’t have an app for their smart devices? Trying to figure out how you can capture the mobile market without spending hours and hours (and money) in creating a separate site to meet your customers needs?

If you want to boost online sales further and build customer loyalty, your eCommerce site needs to adapt to each device it is viewed on. New Zealanders are savvy and with 60% of us having smartphones, the increase in mobile shopping is set to double over the next 12 months. Will your online store be ready to capture and service your mobile customers?

The Magento platform is designed to grow and adapt with your business. Part of the power of the Magento platform is the ability to create a responsive web design, which means that no matter what device a customer is accessing your online store on, they will be presented with a site that looks the same, acts the same and allows them to navigate with ease. We will work with you to create a responsive online experience that allows you to capture your mobile customers, build brand awareness and ongoing customer loyalty.

Ready to get started? Create an online store experience that your customers can’t wait to shop at.