Magento Development

Magento: Create unique enhancements to bring your products to life.

At Alinga Web Design we understand the importance of creating unique and functional sites that meet the needs of our clients.

With Magento development, customising this platform to meet your unique needs should only ever be performed by certified Magento developers.

Many issues arise when businesses work with companies that say they can work with Magento, but don’t have properly certified developers. Instead, they will outsource this service without properly checking to make sure that the outsourcer has the right credentials to work with Magento.

This can lead to many issues arising when you get your Magento site handed back to you. Initially, the site may work well, but then little bugs will start to appear, and you’ll start to lose sales and potential clients.

Site functionality and performance is key to keeping customers engaged on your site. Failure to meet basic expectations can lead to shopping cart abandonments and high bounce rates.

If you want to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you need to make the investment and ensure that you only work with certified Magento developers.